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massage treatments

~with specially blended hot oil~

Massages from £70 onwards

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Balinese massage 

This is a relaxation massage that uses long flowing strokes in a rhythmic motion that creates a mind lifting relaxation. The massage is a combination of advanced Swedish, Thai and Malay massage techniques, also includes the “Batin Therapy” (male libido) to balance the body's 8 chakras and to revitalise your male energy and enhance the male libido which leaves a long lasting effect even after the massage is over. The massage is performed using palm, hands, full arm and  elbow, a variety of techniques are used in the massage with rhythmic movements. 



Tantric Balinese Massage 

As the word suggest, this is Balinese hot ail massage with a twist of tantric techniques. The amazing power of healing and sensual touch is greatly highlighted in this massage thus allowing all your sensual senses to be awaken. More enhanced rhythmic movements are introduced in this flowing massage techniques. Full use of the body parts involved in performing this massage to ensure you get only the best and the massage has the potential to leave a everlasting euphoric feeling even after the massage is over, not only leaving your body revitalised, ensuring your mind and spirit is lifted to endless energy level.



Sensa Touch Massage 

This is a heavenly journey towards the art of sensual massage. Various massage techniques are used from a combination of Balinese, Malay, Thai, Yoga and topped with the lomi lomi and advanced Tantric to get a mind blowing massage to you. This massage stimulates all your senses and takes you to the highest peak you could go. Advanced rhythmic tantric is performed using full body, a more body to body experience to tap all the energy points and senses, thus allowing the body mind and soul to harvest the entire male libido power and surrender yourself to a blissful moment.


Bodylicious Massage 

A blissful journey towards naturist body to body massage with erotic massage techniques. More advanced Sensa Touch Massage with Tantric & Sensual body gliding & teasing to intensify all your senses and concludes with a liberating climax. A

journey that unities body, mind & soul to conclude with outmost liberating climax.This massage uses Ayurdedic hot oil, which is good for health and nourishes the skin too.

Experience pure blissfulness !  



Male Libido Massage 

Libido Massage also known as Manhood / Lingam Massage is a very healthy massage performed directly to the penis and surrounding area. This traditional

lymphatic treatment is to boost blood circulation, enhanced libido and promotes proper blood flow for long lasting erection and eliminates premature ejaculation and at the same time help to increase in size (length & thickness). Massaging the veins on the penis and surrounding area- (prostate and testicles) promotes a better blood flow, thus allowing the veins to expand. Once there is better blood flow to the penis, one can see increase in size and better libodo and control over it. This is the natural way to promote male libido and widely used in ancient and current

times in Indian Ayurvedic treatment (Kamastura ). A continues treatment has proven to increase your penis size and thickness and able to perform sex for longer

duration and you won't ejaculate too soon.



Kerala Ayurvedic Massage 

This is a very relaxing and therapeutic massage that uses long flowing strokes in a rhythmic motion and various yoga techniques too. This massage is a combination of advanced Kerala

Ayurvedic, Yoga, Balinese  and Indian massage techniques, also includes male libido therapy to balance the body's 7 chakras and to revitalise your male energy and enhance the male libido which leaves a long lasting effect even after the massage is over.


Ayurvedic Sports Massage 

This massage serves well for active sportsmen, regular gym goers or simply very active men. The aim of this massage is to relief you from pain and to relax the

tired muscle using sports massage, Ayurvedic massage, deep tissue, stretching techniques and Balinese massage. While soothing your muscles with the blend

of techniques, the Balinese technique allows for long flowing strokes to get you in deep relaxation and the batin therapy (male libido) is also included for better performance and to sustain great energy, leaving you fully energised and relaxed physically and mentally.

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